Blanka - Nowadays Records


After releasing Flares, the multi-hatted producer and member of La Fine Équipe is back with « Birds », an ode to Lo-Fi and a testament to his love for nature.

Born in Marseille, Blanka is a member of beatmakers La Fine Equipe and the founder of the mastering studio Kasablanka and the music label Kawaa Records.

From 2004 to 2011, he worked as a producer for TSF Jazz, as a beatmaker and ran his own mastering studio (with over 500 mastered records, including for Onra, Chinese Man, Kool Keith, Guts, Wax Tailor, Fakear…).

As of 2011, he is fully dedicated to mastering and producing albums, working for Hippocampe Fou, Sara Lugo and Gaël Faye. He has also released many albums with La Fine Équipe and as a solo artist.

While he has no trouble serving the artists with whom he collaborates, Blanka never loses his unique touch, and takes advantage of his solo albums to showcase his highly sensitive work.

In December 2020, Blanka moved to the South of France, to the countryside. There, on the foundations of an old 1840 building, he decided to build his own studio and an apartment designed to accommodate artists seeking peace and quiet while creating.

This magical place allows him to reconnect with the surrounding nature. Every season, an important element emerges and touches his visitors: it’s the song of the birds. And it is from these songs and musical encounters in this idyllic setting that the « Birds » album was born. Like a postcard of these lives at this very moment.

While Blanka remains the sole captain on « Birds », he also takes the opportunity to invite several of his long-standing collaborators (Sara Lugo, Onra,…) as well as new encounters (De Phase, King Krab, Papa Rua,…). All the tracks were created on the spot with the same direction. Whether in the choice of textures or instruments, all the guests and musicians put themselves at the service of the chosen theme.