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Amaai Orchestra

“AMAAI” is the Japanese word for the expression “between two rains”.

A moment of clarity when we’re surrounded by distracting noises, which divert us from the real alarm sirens of this world, as Awir tells us in “Comets”.

“ This track is a middle finger addressed to conformism an to the people who fall for it by telling themselves that everything will be okay if they follow the rules. It’s an idea in opposition with the freedom that we have, and that we can find in the lyrics “ I can run forever, I can carry the comets”.

“ We’ll never suffer if we shut the sirens “

In this album,The band brand new interpretation of their latest album. In collaboration with Stéphane Taniel and his orchestra, the trio revisits these pieces during a concert recorded at the Dunkirk conservatory.

UNNO draws the cryptic portrait of an era dived into darkness where it’s necessary for everyone to find its light, face its fears and ultimately grow, as in the track “Amaai”:
“I’ve always felt like I was an optimistic person” continues Awir Leon, “but through the different experiences I lived, I’ve lost that feeling more and more. It’s only after facing very difficult things in my life that I found it again, but without its innocence. This is what the track is talking about.”

“And how we sail, and how we swim
How we playm and why we win”

A necessary step back in order to reach new highs, a sentiment heard in echo during the track “Drink that Butter”.

“It’s a new track talking about people who don’t want to live on the ground, a category to which we all belong I guess… With all these benefits and downsides that it represents. A feeling synthetize in the sentence “most flying things can barely walk”.
The picture of drinking butter has two meanings. It’s representing this idea of abusing “too much” of the good things, but also the idea of persistence, of never giving up no matter what are the obstacles to go through in order to reach this lifestyle.”

Those deep interrogations reveal themselves as you go through AMAAI, as if you were in a museum where every piece of art owns a part of an answer, and you have to make you own truth from it. It is the same thing for their music, built as a puzzle where every piece matches with the others and create a consistent set.

Junta Film kept this process to shot all the 15 tracks of AMAAI in slow motion, each track carrying the symbolic of duality. This fight against oneself is embodied by the wild dances of Marie Marcon, Sandrine Lescourant and Johanna Faye.

An intimate and optimistic battle for unity, addressing all the different kinds of assertions of the humanity.

“Wish we’d think It doesn’t have to be dark”