FORM - Nowadays Records


3 bodies, 1 soul.


After their first EP, a handful of gigs all over France, the final of Ricard SA Live prize, FORM is back with C.W.T, second EP and first opus of a band that time quickly weld.

After meeting one another through the collective Akousmatic and having the opportunity to open for bands like Jungle, Fakear or Thylacine, share the stages of festivals like the MaMA Festival or Rock en Seine, the chemistry between the three guys of FORM quickly grown and eventually gave birth to the band.

FORM is defined by its music, universal catalyser beyond words and sight. Led by Hausmane’s mystic and solemn voice, Adrien’s ethereal synths and Aksel’s incisive percussions, the synergy of those three boys carries us deep into an intense and epic trip, a communion crystallised by the desire to live. 

« Feeling alive is a necessity, not an ideal »

With C.W.T (It Comes With The Territory), FORM opens up and give us their sincere thoughts on the beauty of the fight we all go through for life. It’s inside this musical project that those three bodies eventually started to become a single soul. Within the good and the bad times, within the exaltation of success and the pain of sacrifice. All these thoughts and intense moments for one simple goal: to feel as free as ever. And as alive as we should.

Being born in a very influenced generation, the three musicians logically articulate several influences (techno, pop, soul, ambient, even hip hop..) around the enchanting voice of their singer.

Epic and Intimate at the same time, FORM creates its balance between sensual groove (Trigger, Drifting), drums and rhythms empowered by compounded bass lines (Mirrors, White Flag, Alive), and aerial confidences followed by epic lyrical surges (Waterfall), not to mention an organic sincerity (Fucks On Zero), symbol of a tangible sensitivity felt through the whole EP.

C.W.T witnesses the difficulties of life and all the way the band came. But it also sketches the shapes of a new future they will build on solid grounds with this EP, reinforced on the road within the end of the year.

From euphorical happiness to deep stressful moments, it just all comes with the territory, doesn’t it?