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Clément Bazin

Believe In Spring

After a year and a half of gigs for his first album “Everything Matters”, Clément Bazin wanted to take what he thought would be a short break to get back to composing. But then covid happened!  2 years and 2 collab EP’s later, here we are.

Under lockdown, in between 4 walls, it is how the composition of this album slowly started. Hence the title which underlines the hope that has kept us all going: as soon as spring comes we’ll be able to go out again!

Clément wanted to offer his audience an instrumental music that takes time to unfold, rich in melody and harmony, where the voices sound like incantations and where a dialogue is created between acoustic and electronic instruments.

With the steeldrum as a melodic thread. Acoustic and percussive rhythms and synthesizers, it is with these elements that he wanted to work his album.

A steelband (steeldrum orchestra) is made of desks, bass, tenor, alto, soprano… Clément usually plays soprano but in this album he recorded all the desks of the orchestra and he mixed them with the sound of the machines, drum machines and synthesizers, trying to take them out of their usual context to give them another color, a new setting in which to resonate. 

As an acoustic instrument made of steel, the steeldrum is capable of warmth as well as coldness and Clément is once again seeking to create a setting for it to unfold its own richness.

The title of the album is also a nod to Michel Legrand’s song « You must believe in Spring », also known as Maxence’s theme in “Les Demoiselles de Rochefort”. What Bazin likes in musicals is the “bigger than life” feeling, the need to explode and forget one’s limits.

As for featurings on this project, Maky L. is an ultra talented singer and rapper from Montreal that Clément had been following for a long time. They connected and everything went quickly and simply. It’s an honor to have him on the album where he duets with Toni who also sings Loosing It. She’s a Parisian singer Bazin toured with for the “Everything Matters” album. She has an agility and precision both in the studio and live that is impressive, a beautiful voice and always well thought out harmony ideas.