Fakear - Hypertalisman - Nowadays Records



“I have never worked as much as for this album and this tour. And it feels amazing to be enjoying the fruits of this labor.” Fakear

A good craftsman spends his time honing his craft. He refines his technique, year after year. An artist, on the other hand, has to get emotionally involved – and that can sometimes get dizzying. It takes a lot of courage to show your inner thoughts and your flaws. Especially with the previous feeling of exhilaration of a fast rise to musical fame with a sold-out concert at the Olympia in Paris even before having released his first album (later becoming a gold record) and tours all over the world in front of thousands of people, like the Red Rocks festival in the USA.

Fakear needed to reinvent himself. To return to the essence of his project, with spontaneity and above all, honesty. Ten years after his first steps in the industry, Fakear now returns to his roots, without looking to the past with nostalgia or contempt; but rather by contemplating his past self with kindness.

And this new wave got expressed in one word : Talisman, his last album that came out in February 2023. With the tracks Moonlight Moves, Altar, Voyager and Odyssea (featuring the environmental activist Camille Etienne). Alongside a sold out French and European tour, a show at Le Trianon in Paris also sold out, and soon one in salle Pleyel (in February 2024).

“It was a complete rebirth. I had lost this crazy energy I once had doing all this.”

But such a comeback doesn’t just completely stop after only one album – even though it was particularly noteworthy to the media and the audience. And neither does the inspiration for Fakear.

“There is something magical happening when we get so confident. We allow ourselves to have fun, we think less, we feel the love from the audience. And the most beautiful thing is I believe this totally impacts the creation process.”

This is how Hypertalisman was born. Like the following of this rebirth and this new inspiration for Théo. Like an extension of Talisman: a new dimension, a parallel universe.

“As I was gradually reconnecting with the outside world, I was realizing how essential to me it was, and how much I had missed it. Hypertalisman is full of this feeling. I love making music so that it can be shared, lived, vibed and danced to. Talisman was me returning to my roots. Hypertalisman is a window to the future.”